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Schnitter Architects and Interior was established in 2002 by the husband and wife team, Curt and Madeleen Schnitter and is situated in Pretoria. Our aim is to give quality service and to produce architecture of the highest level of design and detailing standards.  Together the directors have more than 30 years of experience in commercial, retail, industrial and residential design.  Being well established in the design of upmarket residential homes, our company has been involved with various residential and golf estates as design or controlling architects since 2002.

After graduation, Curt and Madeleen were separately employed by the following architectural firms:

  • Maree and Els (MEG) Architects

  • Danie Blignaut Architects

  • ARC Architects

  • Ivan B. Sive and Moffat Architects

  • Boogertman + Partners Architects

We still retain a close working relationship with Boogertman + Partners and work in conjunction with the Pretoria office on various projects.


Rating Agency: Empowerdex
Status Rating:  A-Level Four Contributor​


Residential Homes and Developments:

  • Private Residence Waterkloof - R7milj

  • Private Residence Waterkloof - R7milj

  • Private Residence Sandhurst - R50milj

  • Mafikeng Housing - R40milj

  • House Naidoo - 500m2

  • House Naidoo - 580m2

  • Groenkloof Housing Development - R9milj

  • Richards Bay Retirement Village

  • New Mark Residential Estate - 20 Units

  • Wonderboom Estate - 25 Units

  • House Otto - 600m2

  • House Raghubir - 400m2

  • House Fourie - 450m2

  • House Lekon - 450m2

  • House Lazarus - R4milj

  • House Figg - 600m2

  • Amberfield Residential Estate - 50 Units

  • House Brits - 300m2

  • Pine Ave. Apartments - 20 Units

  • Ramsgate Apartments - R150milj

  • House Madileng - 400m2

  • Beeld Home Show

  • Walkersons Estate - 600m2

  • House Ludick - 500m2

  • House Eloff - 480m2

Industrial Developments:

  • Sasol Gas Warehouse - 7000m2

  • Carnival Foods Warehouse - 7000m2

  • Multiflor Warehouse - 4000m2

  • Culverwell Commercial Park - Masterplan

  • Gorsforth Commercial Park - Masteplan

  • PWS Distribution Centre - 4000m2

  • Cinqplast Factory Revamp - R20milj

  • Kuwait Distribution Centre - 100,000m2

  • Bulmers Cider Brewery Centurion

  • Gateway Industrial Warehouses - 3000m2

  • Homefront Showrooms - 1500m2

Shopping Centers:

  • East Lynn Shopping Centre - 2500m2

  • Kempton Park Shopping Centre - R6milj

  • Richards Bay CBD Retail Development - R150milj

  • Clubview Shopping Centre - 4000m2



  • Blue Valley Admin Offices

  • Mafikeng Office Block

Shop Interiors:


  • Konica - Brooklyn Mall

  • Rump&Ocean - Brooklyn Mall

  • Rite Value - Clubview

Other Projects:


  • Gautrain Urban Design (in ass.)

  • Needs Assessment for D.E.A.T

  • Blue Valley Squash Courts


Schnitter & Company Architects has been /are currently involved with the following estates:


  • Blue Valley Golf and Country Estate

  • Gardener Ross Golf and Country Estate

  • The Meadows at Hazeldean

  • Highland Gate Golf and Trout Estate

  • Nondela Drakensberg Mountain Estate

  • Luberon Estate

  • La Camargue Golf Estate

  • Redstone Private Country Estate

Our involvement with golf and residential estate developments goes back to 2002. Our involvement range from Drafting Aesthetical Guidelines and Management Regulations, Controlling Architects, Board of Trustees, Design and Management. This has given us valuable experience in the design as well as the day-to-day management of residential developments.

Our close working relationship and involvement with Boogertman + Partners have given us the opportunity to excel in this field.



  • Avalon Residential Development  - 380 units

  • Highland Gate - Residential Development  - 450 units

  • Highland Gate - Clubhouse R35milj

  • Gardener Ross Golf and Country Estate -  Clusters Development R40milj

  • Gardener Ross Golf and Country Estate - Temporary Clubhouse R7milj

  • Revamp of Pretoria Country Club

  • Nondela Mountain Estate: Mountain Lodges, School and Gatehouse, Maintenance Facility, Halfway House

  • Zambezi Junction Shopping Centre R35milj


  • Medscheme Call Centre Offices, Florida, R20milj.

  • Multiflora Flower Market Extensions, 18000m2.

  • Linden Residential Development, 12 Units

  • Price Waterhouse Coopers Offices, Cape Town

  • Multiflora Flower Market, Various Extensions and Additions from 1998 to 2000

  • Sketch Plans and Master Plans for various Developers  and Architects on various projects which includes:

  • Eton Park Office Development

  • Kuala Lumpur Office Development

  • Restoration of Little Theater, Pretoria

  • Student Housing, Sunnyside

  • Glenfields Housing Development, 100 units

  • Momentum Life Head Office Centurion, 23 000m2

  • The Glen Shopping Centre Extensions, Revamp and Waterfront, R15milj

  • Eldoraigne Shopping Center, 9 000m2

  • Cherry Lane Shopping Centre, 12 000m2

  • Moreletta Ridge Shopping Centre Revamp

  • Eastwood Shopping Centre, 2200m2

  • Garsfontein Shopping Centre 1000m2

  • Nelspruit Crossing, 8000m2

  • Brooklyn Mall Additions 20 000m2

  • Brooklyn Mall Revamp 19 000m2

  • Brooklyn Mall Cinemas and Restaurants 4 000m2

  • New Temple Menorah, Muckelneuk

  • Waverley Plaza Shopping Centre

  • Action Cricket Court and Offices, Centurion

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